Hauff-Technik is among Europe’s­ leading manufacturers of cable, pipe and line entries and EBERO Pipe Systems is very proud to be a technical partner.

Together we provide of completely reliable sealing systems and find the best possible solution for every requirement. Including yours.


Our proven and tested standard sealings HRD-SG and HRK-SSG are split rubber press seal systems which can also be used when cables are already laid. Thanks to the integrated segmented rings the adaptation to the cable/supply line diameter can easily be done on site.



We provide you with quick and reliable support in selecting the right sealing solution for your project.

Simply answer a few short questions regarding the number of cables, pipe diameter, wall thickness etc. and you will receive a complete package including the ideal products with tender specifications.



The planning tool saves your currently selected configuration in this browser automatically. This means that you can continue your planning later, if necessary.

You can also delete the current configuration and start again from the beginning.



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